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If you're looking for historical romance...keep right on looking.  If you're in the mood for stories meant to quicken the pulse, however, scroll through the selections.  You'll find thrillers, horror, action/adventure, and even a supernatural western thrown in for good measure.

The Protectors: A Thriller (novel)

Simon & Schuster, October 2014

An enthralling debut, The Protectors offers a dark twist on the classic superhero story as fallen hero Scott McAlister embarks on a globe-hopping chase to stop his former teammate--and ex-lover--gone rogue.

The God of Speed (short story)

Untreed Reads, April 2013

When you need to hunt down a god, call a sniper.  The D.E.A. believes Marine Corps Sergeant Matt O’Connor is their best bet to capture the deadliest meth kingpin in the United States—Herman Estevez, the self-proclaimed “God of Speed.”

Special Agent Sam Brookings drops O’Connor into thick Ozark mountain country with a simple directive: stake out backwoods drug labs and pinpoint Estevez, a man who has eluded the D.E.A. for years. When O’Connor finally verifies the kingpin’s location, Brookings leads an assault team to bring in the D.E.A.’s most-wanted, using the Marine sniper as an observer only.  O’Connor, though, isn’t built to merely observe.

Brookings soon finds himself in the worst position imaginable: trapped between a heavily armed outlaw and a warrior with a rifle who lives to dispense swift justice—the kind that comes at 3,200 feet per second.

Poseidon (short story)

Untreed Reads, June 2013

When Dr. Julian Lambert receives millions in funding for his water-bottling operation deep in the Amazonian rainforest, workers and owners alike celebrate their good fortune. All except one man—Lambert’s mysterious foreman, Manolo—who whispers a grave warning: Opportunity is not the only thing money brings…

Manolo knows the price of success in this lawless part of the Peruvian jungle—a place where good intentions and noble pursuits often suffer violent deaths. He understands the news of Dr. Lambert’s windfall will spread like blood in the ocean, which can mean only one thing: Sharks are coming.

Ballistic (short story)

Untreed Reads, July 2011 - Finalist for the 2012 Derringer Award

Danny has a simple job: he makes people pay for their mistakes. Unfortunately, he's made one of his own, and a top-notch hitman should know better.  When an exhausted Danny escorts an unreliable accountant to his final audit in a run-down hotel, he realizes the moneyman isn’t the only one scheduled for termination. And when you need a professional, lightning-quick gunman dead, they don’t just send one man—they send all of them.

Alone, facing multiple killers, he has to move fast and shoot faster. Worse, Danny knows the leader of the team—the legend who trained him—lies somewhere in the depths of the hotel…waiting. 


Infernal (novella)
Untreed Reads, June 2014 - Finalist for the 2015 Derringer Award


1888—New Mexico Territory.  Father William Clarke knows his share of desperate men. A priest in a dangerous border town, Clarke’s business is to minister to anyone who’ll listen: liars, beggars, thieves…even killers. But when Father Clarke walks through the door of the Hard Case Saloon one night, he encounters something new—a ragged, filthy stranger who insists he has no soul for Clarke to save.

The priest scoffs at first, convinced the man’s proclamations are nothing more than the ravings of a lunatic. As the stranger tells his story, though, Clarke begins to fear his new acquaintance is anything but crazy. Doyle Paver carries a secret, one powerful enough to threaten Father Clarke’s beliefs, his sanity…even his life.

And like it or not, Paver is ready to confess.

Nightlight (short story)
Untreed Reads, November 2013


Nine-year-old Kayla suffers from horrible dreams, along with the nagging fear that monsters will come for her in the night. Employees of the Stafford Sleep Clinic think they know better, until an astonished technician discovers that beyond all of the machines, wires, and monitors he trusts so completely, the little girl's fears may not be imaginary after all.

Nailed! ("Safe Sex" short story)
Rainstorm Press, February 2012


(Author's note--yep, buried this sucker at the bottom, I even NEED to explain why?  That cover is a little over the top, and no, I did not design it.  Regardless of how I feel about the cover, I am fiercely proud of my story included within--called "Safe Sex"--which is, at best, rated R, so don't run away screaming.)


As to what the story is about...think sexy.  Creepy.  Scary.





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