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Trey Dowell received his BS degree (insert joke here) from Washington University in St. Louis.  Despite a strong love for the written word, he artfully managed to avoid all English classes beyond E-Comp 101.  For the next decade, Trey's only creative pursuits revolved around "basic verbal storytelling," which was often referred to as "lying."  Luckily, at the age of 32, he began channeling his energy into a more socially-acceptable form of fiction: writing.  At a friend's urging, Trey entered Writer's's 24-hour short story contest, and to his utter shock...took first prize.  A writing career followed...


Trey's short stories have garnered numerous awards, and the first chapter from his debut novel "The Protectors" won the fiction prize at the prestigious Santa Barbara Writer's Conference in 2012.


Trey is currently hard at work on his next novel (time travel, anyone?) and looks forward to sharing his characters with anyone who loves a great story.


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